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I need Help On this essay?

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The prompt says please write a short, 150 word minimum explanation of why you want to participate in THE LAW ACADEMY . Please be sure to include information about your career goals and education plan, realizing that this law and public safety training will be valuable to ANY career you may choose!

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Unfriendly Competition Ruining Friendship?

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My bff & I came from difft backgrounds. She felt I was a bar she had to measure up to.We met at the com. coll. I continued my education while she worked. I teach. She works in an office. She looked down on me like all teachers were starving. 1 day, my son asked her for $1. She said ” I knew teachers were underpaid” On his b-day, she gave him a card that read “This card is much like a career in teaching, there’s little money in it.” Now, she now realizes I make $20,000 more than her. My son & I are living carefree and she & her child are living hand to mouth.
Yes, friends hv things in common. BUT, she did not do taxes, advanced degrees, 2 cars, vacation, buy land, remodel, become a notary, until I did.

Then, she asked “how can I get summers off w/o working with kids?” Now, she is trying to switch to teaching –THE SAME SUBJECT AS MINE! She has no methodology training & has not subbed or at least been an aide.

Should I help her after the putdowns?
Will she finally be at peace?
Baba Yaga, most of us here in the YA community realize that there are restrictions on the number of characters we can use. Therefore, we opt for abbreviations, synonyms, etc. If I wanted to use APA, I would be working on my dissertation. However, I am taking a break to relieve some stress in YA before returning back to academia.

P.S. It’s “you’d” not “you’re” since you brought it up!
Okay, Baba’s grammar was correct. However, it was hard to see with all the red in my eyes. I did notice she used contractions like the rest of us common folk!

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Getting the Proper Culinary Education Can Lead to a Great Career

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Food and nutrition is something that every person needs. With such a worldwide market, it is no wonder that culinary education is becoming such a booming industry. Whether you are just looking to become a cook, or a world-renowned chef, you are in need of the proper training.

There are some natural kitchen artists that can just toss in a few ingredients and create a masterpiece. However, most of the great chefs of the world had to start from the bottom and work their way up. It is also simple to assume that most of them have received a proper culinary education.

Cooking can be a very complex industry. It is not simply a matter of throwing a few things together and pitching the dish in the oven. It takes careful planning, consideration and understanding in order to make the perfect meal. And with the proper education, there will be many perfect meals under your belt within a very short period of time.

Since there are so many different types of cuisine styles, culinary school can be broken down into many smaller categories. If baking has always been your passion, you may excel at taking a course in pastry baking and confectionary arts. This type of course will take your muffin and cupcake experience and bring it to a level you never dreamed possible.

This is a course that many culinary students choose to take because it offers a wide variety of baking options that can cater to a wide variety of situations. Whether you wish to make donuts and pastries for a living, or be a dessert caterer, a course like this will have you well on your way. You will learn the intricacies of baking, the ingredients normally used as well as how to add your own personal flair to your creation. Imagine the looks on your dinner guests faces when you come out of the kitchen with a pie or cake that looked and tasted better than anything you see at your local bakery’s storefront window.

The sheer variety in world cuisine offers many opportunities for would-be chefs. And a proper culinary education is the best way to find out exactly what you excel in and what you wish to pursue as a career. There will never be a shortage of people wishing to eat, so the opportunities are endless.

It is important that you understand exactly what aspect of the culinary arts interests you the most before embarking on a career. Catering, cooking, recipe preparing and management are only a few of the things that are covered within the confines of a proper culinary education.

What you want to give and what you want to get out of it are the two most important questions to consider when thinking of a career in this field. There are many culinary schools out there that will be able to take the talent that you already have and meld it into a rewarding career.

It is important to note that a successful career in the food industry does not happen overnight. You need to assess your skills, decide on your target market and above all, have the education to back up your claims. But if you have a love of cooking and a love of great food, a culinary education will be able to grant you the career you have always dreamed of.

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Education Sponsor News

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Importance of Education:

Education is one of the key areas of human development and growth. All are not privileged to have the same opportunities of getting proper education and grow with dignity. Millions of young children and youth find their life drifting along the winds of fate and luck. Some fall into good hands and many into manipulating hands. The so called terrorists are created by today’s economy of discrimination. If just a fraction of what is spent for making weapons and creating tensions across the brotherly borders those millions of children who reel under utter poverty will see a ray of hope and light. People of good conscience are in the world of business and industries. They make a difference by thinking in inclusive terms. Growth cannot be one sided. It has to be inclusive. If there is too much of disparity there will be continuing social unrest as it is seen today. Education Sponsors make the difference by supporting one of the crucial social causes of sponsoring the educational expenditures of the underprivileged. The news about such programs are found in their sponsored websites and news letters.

Sponsors’ News:

A light cannot be lit and hidden under a bushel. It has to be kept on a lamp stand. Good works done cannot be and should not be hidden. It should be made known, though in a moderate tone, for the sake of its inspirational value. Sponsor’s News need not be of the charity work alone, it can include the new avenues of social shouldering, fund raising, social networking, community building along with sponsoring links. The Education Sponsor News can be updated frequently and the site be maintained so that it remains relevant. Who is responsible for the newsletters and website maintenance? Definitely it should be done by the association that binds the sponsors together towards a common goal. The Education Sponsor Association can take up the responsibility of gathering news about the individual initiatives of sponsors and give publicity in the common website and monthly or bimonthly newsletters. Special programs and issues with great highlights could be broadcasted with much more prominence and even the press could be invited to be present. The news, then gets much more publicity and coverage along with the regular newsletters and websites.

Content of Education Sponsor News:

Besides the news of the recent past and the sponsor projects that are over, Education Sponsor News could include the brainstorming on new projects and initiatives, opening of new avenues, announcing the standing projects’ application and last dates etc. It could include the individual initiatives taken up by individual sponsors in small or big ways and make a special mention of their generosity so that they get due respect and coverage. It could include the students’ initiatives in fulfilling the requirements of the scholarship programs. Special incentives could be announced for the students who excelled in their studies with the help of the sponsor projects.

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My tax preparer has told me that my flight school expenses are NOT tax deductible?

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I’m not expert on this, but the IRS nowadays lets folks write off most education expenses…am I right?

Getting my pilots license took five years and cost more than $15,000 of my own hard-earned money (I received no loans, paying entirely as I went). It’s absurd that the IRS won’t let you deduct a single penny of this (though, I’ve heard that certain flight training costs, beyond the level of commercial rating, are deductible, and was wondering if someone could comment on this).

I consider this to be a valid education expense and intend to make a career out of this one day, I don’t consider this strictly as a hobby (even though I certainly love flying).

Is there any way around this ridiculous law? Or is this just one more reason for me to despise the IRS?

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My Degrees are Worthless! Looking for a Career?

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I have a Bachelor of Music and a Masters in Music Education, but for various reasons, I don’t want to teach any more. I’ve tried for 2 years to find a new career, but everywhere I turn, I’m either over-qualified or my degrees are considered as worthless given the subject specialty.

I love music and would love to stay in that area, but I don’t want to go back to school as I already have $60000 in student loans. I’ve tried music publications… boring; educational sales… no money; and i’ve even tried going into training/development. Now, I’m all about transferable skills but I couldn’t even get an interview. I’ve got bills to pay and can’t afford working for anything less than $40,000/year.

Any suggestions??

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Becoming a police officer?

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I am thinking about getting into law enforcement as my key to my future. Based on facts that I read online including the website of the Department I am looking into. The starting salary for a police officer is around $48,000 with great benefits. At the age of 19 I have just received my high school diploma and currently seeking for a job/ career that will get me up and going. I will be 20 years old in March which is the time Ill be applying for a local police department. $48,000 might not seam a lot for many people, but In my opinion $48,000 plus benefits is a great pay rate for a young adult, and it’s a great opportunity to either move up and continue the career in law enforcement, or pursue your education in another field. You receive great training skills that are not only good for the community but as well as your family and your self. So in other words this is the path I would like to take, I just need some feedback from people that know how this works, perhaps a police officer.

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Please help? about photographer?

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I need some websites about photographer
And please help me answer these questions please :(

A) What kind of education (or training) will I need to succeed in this career?

B) What is the salary range (staring salary to highest income I could earn) for a person working in this career in San Jose, California?

C) What would my work environment (surroundings) be like?

D) How many hours could I expect to work in one day?(day or night)

E) What would my work responsibilities (duties) be?

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Whats the deal with these scammer career colleges?

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How come the only alternative education programs outside of junior and state colleges are so corrupt?? They don’t list the course times, prices, or the length of the program at ALL! They want to be all sly on the phone with you too. They share your number with companies who leave weird sales-messages over and over again. Is there ANY SCHOOLS in southern california that train for medical positions, massage therapy, pharmacy tech etc without being so darn shady??

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Please critique my Cover Letter! Please? Any extra Help (Good Inter Interview questions/responses) R Welcomed

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Dear Hiring Manager:
I am interested in exploring career opportunities with a growing organization. Please accept my resume for the current opening as well as future openings. I believe that my skills match requirements very well.
As you can see from my resume, my experience & education has provided me with excellent qualifications. As an Administrative Assistant I have received hands on training working with employees, contractors, visitors and tenants. I have overseen and managed daily office operations. I was also responsible for maintaining projects as they come in, which includes preparing materials and agendas. I am a team player who is responsible, dedicated, and organized. I also have excellent communication and computer skills.
My clerical, computer, and office experience have encouraged me to seek employment where I am able to use my skills effectively. I enjoy diversified, challenging work, and more importantly being in a position that will utilize my background to its
fullest. I am confident that I can make a meaningful and lasting contribution to your organization.

I would like the opportunity to meet with you in hope that a successful match can be made. I can be reached at (718) 555 – 5555 as well as (610) 555-5555 or via email at I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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