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When in college to become a teacher, what courses do you take?


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I need to know the course of study (classes required) to complete the training for a career in the teaching field. I also need to know the type of education needed to accomplish this.

Thanks in advance!

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  • 1 vikingpenguin33

    and pretty much the highest extent of what subject u want to teach

    i just asked my mom shes a teacher

  • 2 BadFrog

    There are many different types of classes. You will have to check witht he college for specific educational courses. If you have extra hours to take… find you area of interest (i took American History) my degree is in Social Science Education.
    if possible, get ESOL certified as part of your degree!

  • 3 Scared!!

    physcology,sociology,basic math,eng,etc..

  • 4 Geri

    Many universities have a catalog of requirements for their teacher certification programs. They are different in every state. If you want to teach grades 6-12, you must have a major area of study (math, science, history, etc) and also take methods and foundations of education courses.

    If you want to be an elementary teacher, you take many methods and curriculum courses as well as a multitude of general education requirements. Early childhood teachers, Pre-K – 2, have a different set of requirements.

    Just go to a college or university website you are interested in, click on College of Ed. or teacher education program.

    Good luck.

  • 5 bud

    Every school’s course of study varies.You can look on line and get ideas. Most of the courses give you general background knowledge. To teach anyone, I strongly suggest you take lots of psychology and logic. That helped me more than anything. You can’t teach a child unless you can reach them and relate to them. If you find a school that teaches you to laugh you’d better take it cause you’re gonna need it or you’ll go insane.

  • 6 artistagent116

    You will need to major in (and get your degree in) Education, and when you are registering for classes, there will be a list of needed classes provided by the university. Each semester you sign up for classes, and there will be counselors ready to help you choose which classes you still need in order to earn your degree. You’ll need a Bachelor’s Degree, which is a 4 year degree from an accredited university.

    The first 4 semesters (or 2 years) you will take lots of general education classes such as Chemistry, Literature, Sociology, Art, etc. The second 4 semesters you will take classes designed more specifically toward your degree…lots of psychology, education, child development and so on.

    When you find a university that interests you, get their course and degree description booklet. It lists all the degrees they offer and the classes needed to earn each degree.

    And, even though you didn’t ask for it: I will give you a tiny, little piece of advice from someone who’s been there: Study HARD and party SOFT.

    Best of luck to you. Hope that helps.

  • 7 deirdrezz

    First, most schools don’t let you get a BA in education. So, choose a major that you are interested in. Second, take an intro to elem, middle, or secondary education course to figure out what setting you want to teach in. If you are going to teach in middle school or high school, you should major (or minor) in the subject you want to teach. In my district, you don’t need to have majored in it, but it is useful if you want to be able to pass the credentialing test with confidence.
    The teaching courses are usually part of an additional 5th year or a Masters program.

  • 8 purple_heart0128

    It all depends on your teaching area, and possibly even the university. I attended Sam Houston State University (one of the first colleges in Texas, and oldest teaching school as well).

    If you are elementary education, you major in academic studies and minor in elementary education. You must take your basic courses first. Your education courses will include lots of child development, learning theory, reading block, methods block, speech for teachers, technology, and student teaching. Methods block, reading block, and student teaching are all composed of multiple courses that require lots of field experience (each is one full semester long).

    If you are secondary or all levels (math, science, english, social studies, P.E, music, art, foreign languages, theatre, etc.) things are different. You will major in your teaching field, then minor in secondary education. You can also choose a second teaching field and select it as a second minor. You must complete your basics, the hours required for your major, and the required hours for your minor. Your secondary ed minor will require a class on technology, assessment, child development, methods block, speech for teachers, and student teaching. I got a BS in Kinesiology so I can teach P.E., and minored in all level education and Math. Currently I teach 7th grade Math and coach.

    Special education has its own rules, but you will more than likely get an all level teaching certificate.